STARCREST Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited is a reputable corporate oil and gas company operating in Nigeria whose one of the core values is to respect and abide by the local regulations of the environment where it is operating. In Nigeria, it is a requirement to carry out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) of any major project or operations as a pre-requisite to the project execution to establish the full implications of the associated activities and operations on the environment. 

EIAs are required for:

  1. Oil and gas fields development;
  2. Construction of off-shore, on-shore and overland pipelines;
  3. Construction of oil and gas separation, processing, handling and storage facilities;
  4. Construction of oil refineries;
  5. Construction of product depots for the storage of petrol, gas or diesel which are located within three kilometres of any commercial, industrial or residential areas and which have a combined storage capacity of 60,000 barrels or more;
  6. Petroleum refining.

Therefore the EIA is an instrument by which we identify and assess the potential environmental, social and health impacts of a proposed project, evaluate alternatives, and design appropriate environmental and social management plans during the life-cycle of the project. Opuama Flowstation has no existing EIA report because this was not a requirement in Nigeria when the Flowstation was built and commissioned in 1970. Now that the facility is already operational, the company will perform an environmental evaluation report (EER) on the Opuama Flowstation in place of an EIA in preparation for the resumption of oil and gas activities in the asset.

While an environmental impact assessment addresses the possible environmental consequences of a proposed action, an environmental evaluation reports (EER) addresses the possible impact of a continuing action or changing practice. One can contain the other. The company’s EER will be comprehensive and robust. The EER will contain improvement plans to sustain compliance to environmental management regulations.