Our business strategy focuses on creating interdependencies between our business and the lives and livelihoods of our host communities, utilizing GMoUs and allied processes for interface management and delivery of basic infrastructure. Its scope ensures that we do not create legacy problems, but enhance community participation in the business through active collaboration with our community contractors and maintain focus to deliver community projects and programmes that leave a landmark, which can stand the test of time. 

Community Relations Policy

Starcrest Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited Social responsibility, in addition to exploration and production of oil and gas activities in a safe, environmentally friendly and profitable manner, will ensure a high level of responsiveness to needs of all stakeholders related to operation.


The company will be actively involved in the development of the communities in its areas of operations and will cooperate with all the stakeholders in each of the communities and their neighbours. It will engage in the provision of projects that will improve the socio-economic base of the communities.

 The company’s philosophy is to sustain its activities for continuous growth and will require a sound cordial relationship with all its stakeholders.

 The company will on yearly basis provide adequate budgetary level for the prosecution of its CR/SR so that it can contribute meaningfully to the growth of our communities and the nation in general.