Welcome to Starcrest Nigeria

Our company possesses diversified commercial interests in both oil and gas exploration and production; in bioethanol production (derived from ethanol); and also in oil palm plantations.
Starcrest Nigeria Energy Limited is a subsidiary of Chrome Group



Starcrest Nigeria Energy Limited knows no boundaries when it comes to drilling. Whether the waters are 30 metres deep or 3000 metres, drilling is what we do best. Starcrest owns and operates several offshore drilling Rigs, drill ships, and a floating production/storage facility. This array of drilling assets allows us to take on a wide range of challenging projects of varied capacities. Our Rigs are fitted with a state-of-the-art top drive system, which increases productivity and reduces operational costs. Our services and state-of-the-art technology ensure a leading edge in the competitive field of offshore drilling. The company fulfills all the stringent international standards, undertakes effective risk assessment and maintains strict safety standards in all its offshore operations. A powerful team of world-class specialists, a well-equipped maintenance team and excellent fabrication facilities reinforce the company’s essence.